El sistema educatiu senegalès

AUTORES: Aisatu Touray / Satou Toure

CENTRE: INS Laia l’Arquera

TUTORA: Lara Menjibar



The challenges that the senegalese educational organisations present about the pedagogic methodology are still present nowadays, even though they were created at the beginning of the 18th Century when France colonised the Senegalese territory. The development of local schools in the territory, far away from the institutions, caused a division between two educational models. El sistema educatiu senegalès is a project that investigates formal and informal schools, in order to be able to know the differences and influences of France on those. As an outcome of the project, a few records of the investigations directed to the senegalese population are presented, with the purpose of knowing the conflicts that occur in the teachers and students. After agreeing with the information that we received and because
of the trip to Senegal, we came to the conclusion that not every school has the influence of France but it has the influence whether the school has a legislative framework or not.

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